double sided fiber glass tape

  • Fiber glass tape
  • Fiber glass tape

Fiber glass tape

Double Side Removable Fiber Glass Tape

Double sided fiber glass tape is used fiber glass mesh as base material,coated with hot melt,with strong adhesion even to rough surface like area rugs,carpets,photo frame,wall hooks, power strips etc.


Double Side Removable Fiber Glass Tape

Double-sided Tape Makes Your Area Rug Stay in Place

  • An area rug stays where it should be is very important for your beloved ones at home, which keeps your home a safe place for them.
  • The double adhesive holds the rug or carpet to flor tightly, hence rugs or carpets will not peel back up and cause danger of people getting tripping over.


To Use This Double Sided Carpet Tape Heavy Duty, Follow Some Simple Instructions for Better Performance

  1. Make sure the surface is free from any water,oil or dirt befor you take any action, then measure the length you will need, cut it or tear it by hand will be okay, and apply the tape to one of the two surfaces to be bonded.
  2. Peel off the liner.
  3. Adhere the item to the tape, press it for 5 seconds.