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  • Membrane Switch Tape
  • Membrane Switch Tape
  • Membrane Switch Tape
  • Membrane Switch Tape
  • Membrane Switch Tape

Membrane Switch Tape

This kind tape used clear polyester film as carrier,both side coated with acrylic adhesive for permanent sticky and then both side covered with release paper as release liner. It would be also called spacer tape.

  • Good initial adhesion,good retention viscosity.
  • Excellent insulation and temperature resistance,especially for the PET film has a strong adhesion.
  • High tensile strength,good weather resistance,according to EU environmental directive production.
  • There are stripping layers on both sided,which is easy to be machined.

Membrane Switch Tape


Membrane switch insulation spacer(membrane switch line up and down isolation insulation)
Membrane keyboard 
Nameplate or panel bonding,PP,PC,ABS and other plastic made of products bonding. 

Product construction:

Backing material PET film
Type of adhesive solvent acrylic
Total thickness 0.125mm/0.138mm/0.15mm/0.175mm/0.2mm/0.225mm/0.275mm
Color Transparent
Release liner white paper+printing paper



Item Thickness(mm) Color 180 peeling force(N/in) Temperature resistance(℃) Size
SD7025 0.125 Transparent ≥16 -20~150 1.02m*200m
SD7038 0.138 Transparent ≥17 -20~150 1.02m*200m
SD7050 0.15 Transparent ≥13 -20~150 1.02m*200m
SD7075 0.175 Transparent ≥15 -20~150 1.02m*200m
SD7100 0.2 Transparent ≥13 -20~150 1.02m*200m
SD7125 0.225 Transparent ≥12 -20~150 1.02m*100m
SD7175 0.275 Transparent ≥11 -20~150 1.02m*100m